The Expandables: Mmabatho the Instagram Influencer

  • Written by Oscar Habeenzu
  • Published in Consumers

There is an influencer in South Africa that can no longer be ignored by brands and businesses; an influencer that can expand a brand’s consumption, yet not expendable – the Instagram influencer.

The Expandables are South African beauties that are rising to become influential in various circles of life, using Instagram as a point of contact to pull daily surprises that are backed by a lifestyle of business transactions, as they enjoy life. 

Unlike many social media networks, Instagram asks you to create a specific type of user account – Personal account, Blog, Public (thematic community), Internet shops and offline shops, Business accounts (cafes and restaurants, touristic agencies, manufacturing, etc.), Brand accounts, Celebrity accounts, Bots, Landing accounts, Video accounts. Out of these types of user accounts, the magic of pictures, videos, animations, and conversations gave rise to the Expandables and an economy now valued at over US$1 billion (2017).

The Expandables are rising beyond their sympathy markets, to not only gain daily confidence and support within their local communities, but are stretching forth into new territories of brand diplomacy, representing brands, products, and services in exchange for a monthly retainer. Mmabatho Makgoale is one such expandable. 

Meet Mmabatho, a 22-year-old from Limpopo, a social science graduate from Brooklyn City College, an Afro-centric beauty – natural, no make-up, no weave, yet accumulating 44,000 followers whom she influences via Instagram.

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